Seasonal: Christmas-Easter

Pendants, rings and earrings for Holidays, covered with resin (liquid glass)

Gingerbread Pendants

Gingerbread Rings

Gingerbread Earrings

Easter (Paschal) candles with various pendants or rings:

Pendants are square (2,5 Χ 2,5 cm), made by silver plated pewter (lead & nickel free)

They come with a silver plated chain or with a black or a matching color cord necklace, 41 cm:

The background can be enameled in any color you like.

Rings are square (2 X 2 cm), made by silver plated pewter (lead & nickel free), adjustable:

Earrings are oval, with surgical stainless steel (lead & nickel free). The total length is about 5,5 cm

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