Large square pendants (3,5 Χ 3,5 εκ.) and rings (2 Χ 2 εκ.),
made by silver plated pewter (lead & nickel free), with themes from classic artworks, 
covered with resin (liquid glass)

Gustav Klimt, Mother & Child (Trois Ages de la Femme)

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

Georgia O'Keefe, Red Hills with White Shell

Henri Matisse, Dance

Toulouse Lautrec, Black Cat

Dancing Swallows & Lilies, ancient Greek fresco from Acrotiri, Thera

Safran Gatherer, ancient Greek fresco from Acrotiri, Thera

Blue Ladies, ancient Greek fresco from Knossos, Crete

Matisse, Estampe Nu Bleu

With a silver plated chain (also lead & nickel free), 60cm/24 inch or 77 cm/30 inch,  
or a black cord or a matching color cord.

Rings are adjustable, with a simple (2 X 2 cm) or a hammered (2,2 X 2,2 cm) band

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